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proper motion

Guest Steve Rodich

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Is it proper to offer any motion, exept to act on a recommendation in a report or to receive the Treasures report?


With regard to the Treasurer's report, no motions for action on it are necessary at all, and they are typically a very bad idea.  As you noted, if he offers a recommendation that's another matter, and a motion to take action on the recommendation would be proper.

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Couple of automatically out-of-order motions off the top of my head:

A motion that upon adoption has no effect e.g. "I move that we send no reply."

A motion that contradicts a motion currently in effect as the correct motion is to rescind.

A motion that violates a basic principle of parliamentary law such as conducting business without a quorum, abusing the rights of the minority, abusing a member's rights to vote, attend, etc.

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