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President resigned how long does vice pres stand in office


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President resigned,  vice president stepped up to fill the spot .

 The question is, for how long does the vice hold the position ?.

Our club holds election every year , President and directors positions are 2 year positions and it is staggered so only half come up for re election each year.

The president's position is not due for re-election until this fall 2019.

Does the vice president  hold this position until 2019

or is it shortened and put in for a vote in this years election fall 2018 ?

Our bylaws do not address this problem .

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Unless the bylaws say otherwise, the Vice President steps into the President position. Once that happens, that individual is President, not half-president or anything of the sort. Therefore, the term of office is the same as the President - i.e. until fall 2019. However, you do have a vacancy in Vice President, and that should be filled by whatever means you have of filling vacancies. 

Although you didn't say when the Vice President term ends, even if it ends this fall, the answer would be the same, because this individual is no longer Vice President at all. He is President, and therefore that is the only term of office relevant to him.

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In §47, Officers, under Vice President, it says:



Some societies elect several vice-presidents in an order of precedence: first, second, third, and so on. In case of the resignation or death of the president, the vice-president (if there is only one) or the first vice-president (if there are more than one) automatically becomes president for the unexpired term, unless the bylaws expressly provide otherwise for filling a vacancy in the office of president. The second vice-president, if there is one, then becomes first vice-president, and so on, with the vacancy to be filled occurring in the lowest-ranking vice-presidency. 

(emphasis in original)




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