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4 hours ago, Guest Marcus said:

Can the President deny a motion or deny to recognize it 

He can rule it out of order, but he must explain the reason for such a ruling.  And such a ruling would be appealable.

And there are times when it is not in order to make motions, so the chair would be correct not to recognize a member for that purpose at those times.

But he can't just decide to ignore a particular motion because he doesn't like it.

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16 hours ago, Guest Marcus said:

Can the President deny a motion or deny to recognize it 

Under certain circumstances, that is,  if the pending motion is an original main motion, that otherwise doesn't conflict with the assembly's rules-as Mr. Novosielski has noted-the presiding officer may object to the motion's consideration.

RONR, 11th edition p. 268 states:

"RESEMBLANCE TO POINT OF ORDER. An Objection to the Consideration of a Question is similar in some ways to a Point of Order. The presiding officer, on his own initiative, can submit his objection of this kind to a vote, just as he can raise a question of order on his own accord."

Without debate, the chair puts the question regarding the motion's consideration to a vote. A two-thirds vote in the negative sustains the objection.

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4 hours ago, Richard Brown said:

Agreeing with Mr. Novosielski, the chair also doesn't have to recognize a motion which  is shouted out by someone who has not been recognized by the chair.

Though it probably would be a good idea for the Chair to call the member to order or (more diplomatically) "remind" the assembly that members need to be recognized by the Chair in order to make a motion.  If the Chair doesn't acknowledge the motion in any way the member may feel that he wasn't heard and restate the motion even louder or get annoyed he is being ignored and cause a further disturbance.

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