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use of plurality vote

Guest Karyn

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Agreeing with my colleagues, an important distinction is whether you are electing officers. RONR says directors should be classed as officers, but some bylaws limit officers to only specified executive officers such as president, vice president, secretary , treasurer, etc. Your bylaws control. 

Edited to add: I don't have a copy of RONR with me at the moment, but I believe a requirement of a majority vote contained in the bylaws cannot be suspended but if it is contained in a special rule of order it may be suspended (at least as to non-officer elections).

Stay tuned to see if others disagree with either statement in the added paragraph. 😝

Edited by Richard Brown
Added "at least as to non-officer elections" to last paragraph.
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1 hour ago, Guest Karyn said:

are there any hard and fast rules for the use of a vote by plurality in an election, rather than by a majority?

RONR, 11th ed., p. 406:

 "A plurality that is not a majority never chooses a proposition or elects anyone to office except by virtue of a special rule previously adopted. If such a rule is to apply to the election of officers, it must be prescribed in the bylaws."

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Thee next question is: When the bylaws are silent i the subject when 3 or 4 persons are nominated for a position, Does the one receiving the least number of votes gt dropped of for subsequent ballots, or does balloting continue with all names until someone finally achieves a majority.

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