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Outcome of tie vote with one abstention?

Guest rob

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I agree with Mr. Mahvash and would add that a motion would not pass according to every book on parliamentary procedure that I have. In addition, if this is a public body, applicable law or its own rules might require the affirmative vote of a majority of the entire membership to adopt the motion if it is something in the nature of an ordinance or resolution. If this body has 9 members, it would require five votes to have a majority of the entire membership.  We don't know if this organization is such a public body. What do your own rules or controlling law say?

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4 hours ago, Guest rob said:

A public board has  a total of 9 members, 7 are present for a meeting so a quorum exists.  A vote arises with 3 in Ayes, 3 Nays and 1 abstention.  The motion does not pass, correct?


Abstentions are not votes, so the vote would be simply 3-3.  A majority vote would occur whenever the number of Yes votes is greater than the number of No votes. Since 3 is not greater than 3, the motion does not pass.

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