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Calling for the vote on a motion

Guest Marva Campbell-Pruitt

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No rule in RONR prohibits a member to make a motion that the chair finds "unsuitable". When RONR requires the chair to give a brief explanation for ruling a motion not in order, the expectation is, I think, that the explanation will have its basis in the rules, not the chair's personal findings of suitability—whatever that means.

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5 hours ago, Guest Marva Campbell-Pruitt said:

What should happen once the presiding officer calls a motion unsuitable and refuses to call the question, even though council members call for the question?  Can members then take the vote?

Presiding officers don't call motions suitable or unsuitable, but they may rule them out of order.  This would be done when the motion is first made, not after debate, as it seems was the case here.

But as with most rulings, the members may Appeal from the decision of the chair.  (See §24.)  

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59 minutes ago, Guest Zev said:

Should we be concerned that this may be a public body? After all, the OP mentioned "council members."

I'm not that concerned.  :)

Of course, I've served on public bodies before and how we would deal with a Chair deeming a motion "unsuitable" wouldn't vary any from how those I've served on that weren't public bodies would have.

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