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Voting by the Board

Guest Gregg

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RONR doesn't go into rules for e-mail voting (or p-mail for that matter) other than discussing some of the critical details.  Sometimes state (corporation) codes do have additional rules.

So any detail rules for e-mail voting are up to the association.

For some extended discussion see:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8w31eocwqx067h/E-Meetings 2012.docx?dl=0

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Agreeing with the previous responses, I'll add only that if your bylaws authorize email  voting, the organization can set whatever vote threshold it wants for adopting motions via an email vote.  It is not that unusual for email votes to require a higher vote threshold than in person votes.  That makes sense because there is often no opportunity (or limited opportunity) for debate with email votes.

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9 hours ago, Guest Gregg said:

Are there formal rules for a board of directors vote at an actual meeting versus the board voting via e-mail where members often travel, i.e, does e-mail voting require 100% approval/disapproval?

E-mail voting is prohibited under the rules in RONR, except as provided in your bylaws.  If your state has rules that require organizations such as yours to allow voting by e-mail, then you would allow it.  If the state law leaves it up to your bylaws, then you'd need to amend them to include appropriate language authorizing the process, and presumably setting forth an appropriate threshold (such as 100% if you like) that would apply to such votes.

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