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Reopening The Nominating Process

Guest Diane

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Can you reopen the nominations from the floor after the nomination process has closed and the ballots have been distributed. We had a position with no candidates. Prior to the actual vote, someone wanted to nominate someone from the floor for that particular position. The president said no.

Could a motion have been made to reopen the nominating process?

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Anytime up until the voting actually began nominations could have been opened again by a majority vote, yes.  Members could have also written in the person's name without nominating them.  I can't tell from your facts if any of the members were already in the process of voting.

"When for any reason it is desired to reopen nominations, this can be done by a majority vote. "  RONR (11th ed), p. 289

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Added a couple of things.
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RONR says don't do that.


An organization should never adopt a bylaw permitting a question to be decided by a voting procedure in which the votes of persons who attend a meeting are counted together with ballots mailed in by absentees. The votes of those present could be affected by debate, by amendments, and perhaps by the need for repeated balloting, while those absent would be unable to adjust their votes to reflect these factors. Consequently, the absentee ballots would in most cases be on a somewhat different question than that on which those present were voting, leading to confusion, unfairness, and inaccuracy in determining the result.

p. 423, lines 25-35 (emphasis added)

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8 hours ago, Georgia Peach said:

Curious about this, George.  How about if absentee votes have been collected before the meeting?


If voting was by mail, or at polls outside of a meeting, then everyone should vote that way.  Mixing absentee and in-person votes is a disaster waiting to happen.  And it seldom waits long.

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