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Quorum when position unoccupied

Guest Frank P

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I know some schools have stopped teaching how to write cursive; I didn't realize some had already stopped teaching how to read it. 😀

A majority of 12 and a majority of 13 are both seven. So it should not matter. However, your bylaws have the unfortunate phrase "50%+1" and 50% (6.5) + 1 of 13 is 7.5 which needs to be rounded up to eight. This is why "50%+1" is a poor choice of words when, usually, the intent is a majority, which means "more than half."

Normally, vacancies are not counted when determining quorum. So use 50%+1 of 12 if you only have 12 members at the moment. And change the wording when you next get the chance.

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5 hours ago, Guest Frank P said:

Our committee has 13 positions, and a quorum as per bylaws is 50% + 1. One position on committee is vacant, leaving 12 committee members  serving. Is the quorum for a meeting 50%+ 1 of 12 or 13??

Do your bylaws say 50% +1 of positions or of members?     RONR's default rule is a majority of members, not 50% +1.  Since you have written bylaws that supersede RONR, you'll have to interpret them yourselves.

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Guest Frank, do your bylaws actually say “50% + 1”? And if they do, then 50% + 1 of what?  Members or positions?  Please do us a favor: Quote the exact provision, verbatim, from your bylaws. Don’t paraphrase, but quote the entire quorum provision verbatim. And please use a regular type font and size that we can read, not miniature cursive.

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