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Overuse of Robert's Rules in order to confuse an issue. Where to find in your book.

Guest Eric Nelson

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26 minutes ago, Joshua Katz said:

I do not think you will find something in RONR saying that RONR should not be used. 

Well, there is a section, I believe in the section about hints for inexperienced presiding officers, to the effect that the chair should not require any more formality or strict adherence to the rules  than is necessary based on the circumstances. I am not able to look that provision up at the moment.

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13 hours ago, Guest Eric Nelson said:

Overuse of Robert's Rules in order to confuse an issue. Where to find in your book.

As is often the case when we get an extremely vague question, this seems like a situation where some additional facts would be helpful.

As a general matter, the following citations seem on point:

"In ordinary meetings it is undesirable to raise points of order on minor irregularities of a purely technical character, if it is clear that no one's rights are being infringed upon and no real harm is being done to the proper transaction of business." RONR (12th ed.) 23:4

"The president should never be technical or more strict that is necessary for the good of the meeting. Good judgment is essential; the assembly may be of such a nature, through its unfamiliarity with parliamentary usage and its peaceable disposition, that strict enforcement of the rules, instead of assisting, would greatly hinder business." RONR (12th ed.) 47:19

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