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Over Zealous Chair


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The chair of my committee seems to me to be a bit more of a dictator than a chair.

Am I wrong or is the main function of the chair to simply preside over the meeting and make sure it begins and ends on time and runs smoothly, or can the chair dictate what another member can or cannot do (providing it's not dilatory)?

If a committee member sends out an email in between meetings making a request to the other members, does that have to be cleared by the chair? 

Seems to me the committee members are the ones who kinda set what happens within the committee and not the chair? If that's not true then there's really no reason for a committee. Just let the chair make all the recommendations?  

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I'm sure many can appreciate your frustrations and I'm sure you know he can't dictate anything and that nothing in RONR gives him the right to clear communications between members.  See 50:24-28 for the rules regarding committee procedure.

Perhaps you should consider reporting his actions to the appointing power and let them have a chat with him if they feel it's warranted.

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