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Declining nomination after slate of officers presented but before voting

Guest Lacy

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A slate of officers has already been presented to the general members this month.  All those nominated accepted the nomination before being placed on the slate by the Nominating Committee.  The election of officers will take place during next month's general meeting per bylaws.


In the meantime, one of those on the slate has now removed their name for consideration BEFORE next month's the election.  This person was the only one on the slate for that given officer position.


What do we need to do to fill that position?


1) Open up nominations again during next month's meeting,  allow additional names nominated from the floor, add those names to the slate, and then continue with the election for ALL positions at that time? 


2) Reconvene the Nominating Committee to fill this position.  Hold incomplete elections next month on the rest of the slate/nominations.   Then at the same meeting present to the general membership the Nominating Committee's replacement nomination for the office position (nominee should agree beforehand), take any additional nominations from the floor, and then vote for this last position at the following month's general meeting?


3) Other?

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A GMM was held as per our bylaws.  A full slate was presented and nominations were taken from the floor (none were received).  One of the four open positions had two nominees.  One of the two withdrew their name later that day.  As per our bylaws we only need one nominee, which for several years has been the case.  Since the nominating committee did its due diligence in bringing forth a full slate they chose not to re-open nominations (they were closed at the GMM).  The President of the Board stated she didn't want the one nominee on the Board next year and insisted the nominations should be re-opened.  The nominating committee feels it brought forth a good, full slate.  The President was told that write in candidates would be the way to go.  She is livid.  Was the nominating committee in the right?  The bylaws state the nominating chairperson is in charge of the nominations.

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51 minutes ago, Guest SAS said:

Was the nominating committee in the right?  The bylaws state the nominating chairperson is in charge of the nominations.

Neither were right. The assembly can adopt a motion to reopen nominations, or it cannot. The nominating committee cannot stop it, and the President cannot make them.

Also, please ask your question in a new topic.

As far as slates are concerned, see the reply above from our dear departed colleague.

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