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Time Limit on discussion


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Per RONR, each member can speak in debate up two times for up to ten minutes each time on each question (motion).  RONR page 43.


There is no limit on the total amount of time for debate on a single question, other than the per member limits.  If there are 20 members present and each member wants to speak  twice for the maximum time of ten minutes per speech, that would be 400 minutes or over six and a half hours.  Thus, we have the motion for the previous question and the motion  to limit or  extend the limits of debate.  :)


Edited to add:  The limits on debate apply separately to each question..... which, in layman's terms, is the main motion and each amendment.  Each amendment is a separate "question" which starts the clock all over again.  So, without the use of the motion for the previous question or to limit debate, debate with 20 members present could theoretically go on for many more than six and a half hours.... even for days.  Theoretically, of course.  :wacko:


Your organization is free to do as many organizations do and adopt a special rule of order establishing different limits and a total time limit for each motion.

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Thanks. can chair impose time limit  on any member ? 

The assembly, not the chair, can impose limits.... but not on just one member.  The assembly cannot, for example, say "John Smith can speak only once for five minutes but everybody else can speak twice for ten minutes each time".    The assembly may, however, limit all members to one speech of five minutes.   They can also change that rule in the middle of debate, but may not interrupt a member to do so.  Read the sections on "Previous Question" and "Limit or Extend Limits of Debate" on pages 191 - 209 in RONR.


Or get a copy of RONR in Brief.  It's only $7.50 and an excellent primer.  http://www.robertsrules.com/inbrief.html

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