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Our bylaws state that there are four officers: chair, chair-elect, secretary and treasurer. We do not deal with any money, no dues are collected, nothing. Does robert's rules of order require that a treasurer be one of the officers? Is it proper, in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, to not have an individual assigned as a treasurer in this case?

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RONR does not require a treasurer, but your bylaws do. You can amend your bylaws to eliminate the position, but, until you do, you still need to elect a treasurer.

Edited to add: unless  your bylaws prohibit it, you can elect one person to two positions . For example, you can  elect the same person as both Secretary and treasurer. You can't combine the two offices into one position, though, unless the bylaws authorize it. 

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37 minutes ago, Guest David said:

I'm a little confused. You stated that RONR does not require a treasurer but bylaws do. Is that because our bylaws that are in place state that there is a treasurer?

Yes.  RONR does require that you follow your bylaws.  If you don't believe you need to have a treasurer, the way to handle it is to amend your bylaws to remove that position.  As long as that office remains in your bylaws, you are required to fill it.

Having bylaws without a treasurer position does not violate anything in RONR.

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