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Vote changing

Guest DB3

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RONR (11th ed.), p. 408, ll. 21-26:  "A member has a right to change his vote up to the time the result is announced; after that, he can make the change only by the unanimous consent of the assembly requested and granted, without debate, immediately following the chair's announcement of the result of the vote."  Of course, at the next meeting one could move to amend something previously adopted.

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26 minutes ago, Guest DB3 said:

Yes, a motion was adopted. A voting member of the body inquired if he could change his vote two days after the session ended. This has been every helpful. Thank you.

I agree with Mr. Huynh that the member cannot change his vote in the circumstances you described.

However, if the member is disappointed that the motion was adopted, he can do as Transpower suggested and move to "Rescind or amend something previously adopted" at a future meeting.  Doing so requires a majority vote if previous notice of the motion  to rescind is given and requires a two thirds vote or the vote of a majority of the entire membership if no notice is given.  "Giving notice" means giving verbal (or written) notice at the preceding meeting or including such a notice in the call (notice) of the meeting at which he intends to move to rescind or amend the previously adopted motion.


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