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Presiding at election

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The chairman of the board is not automatically the presiding officer of a meeting of all members unless your bylaws so provide. Nor does the chair of the nominating committee have an automatic right to preside over an election. If your bylaws do not specify who presides over a meeting of members, then your first order of business after the meeting is called to order is to elect a chairman pro tem.

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13 hours ago, Guest Member X said:

Who's is to be presiding at the election day/ the day of the election?  Is the chairman of the nominating committee or the chairman of the board of the organization?  Is Robert's Rules specify whom is to be the chair?

Whoever normally presides at non-election membership meetings.  If the chairman of the board is also the chairman of the general membership, then that's who presides, whether or not he happens to be a candidate in the election.  I'm presuming that the election is taking place at a general membership meeting, but the answer would be the same if the election takes place among the board alone.

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What we are telling you, Mr. Chang, is that it is a misconception that someone other than the regular presiding officer should preside over elections, especially if the regular presiding officer is a candidate.  There is no basis for that in RONR.  Unless you have a customized rule  to the contrary, the regular presiding officer presides over elections, including his own election.

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