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Amending an Agenda


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If the Bylaws state, "At least seven (7) days prior to all Board meetings, excluding Executive and Special Sessions, an agenda, subject to amendment, shall be posted..."

Am I understanding this correctly that an Agenda can be amended to add additional Agenda items on the day the Board holds their meeting when the adoption of the proposed Agenda is pending? 

If new items can't be added, is this a rule in the Bylaws that can be suspended?

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1 minute ago, Tomm said:

I would say that the bylaw allowed for its own amending and the agenda can be amended at any time regardless of the seven day prior notice requirement??

What we can't tell you is if your rule is intended to be some sort of requirement of previous notice..  I suspect not but we don't get to decide that, as Mr. Elsman and Mr. Harrison have noted.

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I would say that the agenda can be amended at the meeting, but that's just me.

If a question comes up about this, then the chair would have to rule on a point of order that was raised (to clarify the ambiguity in the bylaws). This ruling would be subject to appeal.

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2 minutes ago, Atul Kapur said:

The requirement for notice protects absentees, so I would say no.

The fact that the agenda can be amended greatly weakens the protection for absentees, but I do not think that it would in order to have a meeting where the agenda was not posted 7 days ahead of time.

Roger-that, understood, but this is only pertains to a Board meeting with 9 members so I would assume so I would assume a majority of the entire membership would be pretty easy to achieve?

Happy Veterans Day to all of you who are Veterans from the Vietnam Era Navy Seabee! Can-Do! 

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