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3 hours ago, Hieu H. Huynh said:

Start with the basics.

A good friend of ours offered this tidbit about the In Brief book to someone who wanted similar advice:

"I expect I'm not alone in suggesting emphatically that you first get your RONR - In Brief, without delay, and read it at once.  I keep saying, if you go to a store to buy it, read it standing there.  Maybe move away from in front of the cashier, to allow the other customers to buy their copies.  It should take you an hour or so, unless you're a college graduate -- they can take all day, tomorrow also if they have to tie their shoelaces themselves.  If you're on a lunch break, you'll just have to get back a little late.  If people are depending on you to feed them -- relax, they won't starve.  If you're there by car, give your keys to that cashier, who will be allowed to return them to you when you're finished.  If you have ordered it by mail, don't take the time to get a box-cutter to open the carton:  just have at it with your fangs and claws -- you're going to chair an AGM, so you need the practice anyway."


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