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  1. Gee, I guess I need to try to type faster! Sorry for the redundancy. "
  2. I might also suggest a review of RONR (10 ed.) pages 442-444 for what Roberts has to say on the "duties of the secretary." Your bylaws may differ, in which case they need to be followed. It sounds like she's underworked and overpaid! :)"
  3. <<How can you re-elect someone who has been voted in for an INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME?>> Seems like you shouldn't need to!! :)"
  4. <<the only way that the member's vote would not count is not to cast a ballot.>> Do I understand you to say that the tellers would distribute ballots to all legal voters, and when they collect them, a member could keep the ballot and "
  5. Yes, my mistake. I read "absentee ballots" as "abstention ballots", since the number (6) matched up with those that marked NONE. Point is well taken. :)"
  6. I think the language you wish you had in there was "...of the Component Chapter who are *present and voting* shall be..." Since an abstention is not a vote, those six wouldn't have counted, and candidates 1, 2 and 3 would be in the club"
  7. <<Unless he happens to be.>> ??? This is an interesting comment, H Wm. If the bylaws don't specify the President is part of the Board, how then would he just "happen to be"? Don't the bylaws *have to* define the Bo"
  8. Or at your Parliamentarian exam and the instructor walks behind you??? :)"
  9. See FAQ #2047 elsewhere on the internet. :)"
  10. Could be the LARGE PRINT edition? :)"
  11. <<Oh, are we off topic yet ?>> Two thoughts: A) I don't think it's possible with this thread, and 2) It's terrific that other website links have been included here for further reference. I'm sure there are more that would"
  12. Assuming you see in the top frame a list of all the replies, can you click on one of them to see it displayed? If you see a cascading sequence, where each subsequent reply is indented one "notch" and you click on the bottom-most reply, do they "
  13. As an additional note, if you click Reply to post a reply to a posting, and in that screen you click [View All Replies], THAT does not work. Just to be clear."
  14. <<and all charges were dismissed>> <<they have no criminal record>> <<have never been any trouble>> Why do I get the feeling there's a piece missing here? I think whether you can ban "
  15. That's the one with the extra space at the bottom. Can you scroll your screen down and see the other replies?"
  16. Susan - no, but there was one recent topic where the original poster "seemed" perhaps to have pressed the enter key a number of times at the end, causing a big gap between the end of the post and the first reply. Just make sure you scroll your b"
  17. Never mind. Found it. Wrong again. waa-aah."
  18. Kim - good question, but -- I guess I'm mistaken here but I didn't think a member could request to examine the previous minutes (ie hands on the book, eyes on the page), only request to have them read. Do I misunderstand this point?"
  19. Might want to suggest an informal discussion period pre- or post-meeting. Have beverages and finger foods. Perhaps some light entertainment. "
  20. In my early days here on the forum I posted a question about "furtherance", a procedure at the national level of our organization during which nominees and nominators discussed the merits of said nominee's "candidacy". No one here had "
  21. <<And by the way, depending on the wording of the rule, you'd either have to attend 75% of the meetings (e.g. at least 9 out of 12) or 75% of the meetings (e.g. at least 45 minutes out of an hour).>> And, in the absence of the wording"
  22. <<The president of a board ... does not have the opportunity to break ties>> As I understand RONR (and I'm certainly no DHH as we know!) I find this statement potentially misleading. If the president is NOT the chair, then it stands. "
  23. <<Sounds like a new TV game show!! Guess what you have been elected to?>> Or would you rather have what's behind curtain number <i>2</>?"
  24. <<David's post reminds me of a certain rotten lil kid>> Aw, shucks! <<only he would have found every error>> Don't tempt me. :)"
  25. If all offices are up for election, and the Nominating Committee presents no one for President, and no nominations come from the floor, and no write-ins appear, would this be an incomplete election, requiring the "try-try again" process? "
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