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  1. I, too, am wondering why I could open something called Pages, but then found I do not have access to the mysterious Pages.
  2. I have always looked forward to reading the posts by Mr. Honemann, and for that reason I formed a habit of reading the message board almost every day. I have found the information he provided to be very useful. His postings have helped me grow in knowledge of parliamentary procedure and are a huge part of my "parliamentary education." So I'm relieved to know we can expect to continue to "put up" with him.
  3. A question that is "general" to experienced students of RONR is often "advanced" in the view of someone who doesn't know much about parliamentary procedure. Therefore, I don't think novices can be expected to know where to post questions. I've noticed, too, that sometimes a "general" question evolves into a very interesting discussion that can be considered "advanced." With moderators being able to move the discussions, I see no problem with the current system.
  4. I assume that anyone complaining about a low-tech forum is a high-tech participant. I'm, therefore, confident that the high-tech readers can figure out the icons.
  5. I often see "Create an Account" buttons on websites for discussions or for maintaining a membership profile. I think most "guests" will know how to deal with it.
  6. Well! George just couldn't keep quiet! Now Shmuel knows, too!
  7. And I think the SG of 2012 should publish the article.
  8. I tried to post as a guest yesterday -- and had no success in defeating the CAPTCHA. Rest assured, I was invoking at the end instead of the beginning!
  9. Wouldn't that be an incidental motion? Seems to fit with Section 33, Requests and Inquiries.
  10. Let's say that the required notice is 7 days, and all members are present when the motion requring such notice is made. Then a few members depart before the vote is put. Isn't "proper notice" still "7 days"? Would this be a continuing breach because of "improper notice"? Very interesting issue.
  11. This I must remember for teaching executive session!
  12. See RONR, 11th ed, p 458, lines 8-13.
  13. I believe Dan meant the 11th edition of RONR, not the 10th, in the citation..
  14. The notes of the secretary may not yet be in the form of minutes if this meeting was only a week ago. Until the minutes are approved, there is no official document to view.
  15. That's what I love about this group -- always thinking ahead! #12 here we come!
  16. Yes, and that's why we are confused. So I would like to see this resolved.
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