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  1. I, too, am wondering why I could open something called Pages, but then found I do not have access to the mysterious Pages.
  2. Who is doing the withdrawing in the quotation from p. 435? (if one of the nominees withdraws before the election, …)
  3. And if your organization is incorporated, check the applicable statutes for the requirements of votes taken without a meeting being held.
  4. I agree that a person elected to, but not yet holding the office may be removed. I have no problem, though, calling it an "office-elect" since that is common sense language to describe the situation. Or maybe it should be "office-in-limbo." Anyway, Dan's office-elect interpretation didn't bother me at all and I thought it very sensible.
  5. Answering questions of the assembly may depend on the terms of the parliamentarian's contract with the organization. If the parliamentarian in these questions is a "member parliamentarian," then that's a different matter.
  6. But my letter carrier never brings letters these days. USPS may need to change the terminology. I call officers and leaders of committees by whatever title is bestowed on them by the bylaws.
  7. We are indeed fortunate to have known him.
  8. This is good common sense in my opinion. Parliamentary procedure enables the assembly to conduct its business, and it is not intended to impede the will of the assembly or trample on rights of members. I think Mr. H has clarified the issue for me and his solution makes good sense.
  9. Why not reconsider the vote on the amendment?
  10. There is a more recent copyright, though, than 1923.
  11. I really like Tim's Alternate Reality! Sure makes sense to me.
  12. A budget should be adopted by the body that has authority to do so. Check your bylaws to see who has the authority. A monthly financial report would not be adopted -- only the auditor's report is adopted.
  13. At the NAP Convention, delegates were allowed to submit motions in advance by text message and by email. In fact, that system was encouraged. When the motion was moved later, the motion was ready for projection onto a screen. I sent one motion by text message from my cell phone and thought it less efficient (actually slower) than writing my motion on the usual pre-numbered motion form. Typing on the small screen is difficult unless one has the nimble thumbs of a teenager. Also, there was insufficient room on tables in the delegate seating area to include laptops in addition to RONR and papers that were needed in the meeting -- not to mention the hand-held electronic voting devices, which sometimes failed to work properly. I will leave it to others to explain how the system worked at the head table, motion table, etc.
  14. I fail to see the logic in this argument. After a motion is amended, it is no longer the motion proposed by the maker. Seems to me that it is every member's right to speak against the amended main motion so long as he or she isn't the member who moved the amendment. I have always thought that logic prevails in the General's writings and continues in RONR.
  15. The NAP Secretary began using that language at the suggestion of the parliamentarian when the board started using the technology for meetings. The NAP parliamentarian at that time was Burke Balch and I was the secretary who asked his advice. He always gave me good advice.
  16. Yes, but I've found those guys to be pretty good thinkers and they "know their stuff"! I continue to find them quite helpful.
  17. If something must be authorized and is not authorized, then it is prohibited. According to RONR, proxy voting is prohibited if it isn't authorized.
  18. If the bylaws are silent about proxy voting and RONR is the parliamentary authority, proxy voting is prohibited (unless authorized by statute, of course). The Sample Bylaws state that RONR is the parliamentary authority. Therefore, no proxy voting. Period.
  19. But the Sample Bylaws Article VIII states that RONR is the parliamentary authority. Therefore, proxy voting is not permitted unless the bylaws or statute require it. The express wording does exist.
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