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  1. I wanted to confirm that the specific wording of our Bylaws does not exclude nominations from the floor. Applicable excerpts (There are other Bylaws items here and elsewhere that should be fixed...) are below. Ballot voting is only required for contested positions. No officer shall be eligible to hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms unless no new nominations for that position are received prior to April 15th. ... Interested parties shall communicate with the PTO by the 15th day of April if he or she would like to fill a position. The Secretary will compile a list o
  2. The following administrative powers were (strangely) included in our 501c3's new/first Bylaws earlier this year. We are a public middle school PTO. Only the 5th/last of these seems reasonable to me. Policies -- Seek input and approval of school administration on all matters. Funding -- Fundraising efforts beyond dues must be approved by administration. Elections of Executive Committee -- Filling mid year vacancies requires administration approval. Special Meetings -- Administration may, on his/her own, call a special meeting. Treasurer Duties
  3. Our 501c3's new (first) Bylaws state that a mid year vacancy in the Executive Committee (made up of four officers) "shall be filled by the Executive Committee with the approval of the school's administration". The current three officers elected a fourth officer, with a 2-1 vote. However, the school administration (principal) is now requiring that the office be filled by a unanimous vote, and will accept/approve the same, or any other candidate, as long as the current three officers all vote in favor of the candidate. Can administrative approval impose a requirement that does not align with vot
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