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  1. Also, if his intent is to move to amend the bylaws make sure any notice requirements are being followed (check the section in the bylaws regarding their amendment for those details).
  2. See RONR pp. 305-310.
  3. No. The current Treasurer needs to either resign or be removed from office then the Board member can be elected Treasurer. What you can do is after the current Treasurer recovers the newly elected one can resign and the current one can be elected back in office.
  4. Unless your bylaws specify a mechanism for appointing/electing an "interim Treasurer" (do they allow the Treasurer to delegate his authority to another?) you will unfortunately have to either remove the Treasurer and elect someone to fill the remainder of the term or hope that he or she will be able to fulfill his or her duties soon. In other words, if the bylaws don't provide for an "interim Treasurer" then no such creature exists.
  5. I can't really speak to how long the 2016 salary would be binding (it depends on the exact wording of the motion setting it). As for the 2017 salary only members of the body which is meeting have a right to attend the meetings so if the person's family refuses to leave you can politely insist they leave. If they continue to refuse to leave you all in theory could call the police and have them removed though the police may be hesitant to get involved unless the organization is willing to press charges if necessary. However, if the recalcitrant family were to have it "suggested" to them that this person may have their salary cut 10% that may give them the added incentive to leave so you can conduct your business.
  6. You are correct that the Invocation should be first (RONR p. 360 ll. 32-34). RONR doesn't specify whether the singing of the National Anthem should be before reciting the Pledge of Allegiance although pages 360-361 do mention the Anthem before the Pledge so take that however you may.
  7. Technically speaking there is no rule in RONR that absolutely REQUIRES he either have someone else from the Committee give the report or turn over the Chair to a Chair pro tem while he gives the Committee's report (unless the members Suspend the Rules to have someone else preside). However, if he feels so strongly about the Committee's business that he doesn't feel that he can delegate the responsibility to someone else to make the report he should turn over the Chair to someone else (see RONR pp. 452-453 for details).
  8. It ultimately is up to you all to interpret those bylaws but you may want to check out RONR pp. 307-308 regarding Scope of Notice.
  9. RONR doesn't answer your question.
  10. Do the bylaws require a resignation be put in writing? If not I don't see the issue. The President appointed the Treasurer to Chair the Committee EFFECTIVE March 1 and Member T will take over as Treasurer EFFECTIVE March 1. So when he takes over the Committee on March 1 he would no longer be Treasurer.
  11. RONR doesn't prohibit it though the organization's rules may. If there isn't a meeting of the organization then RONR wouldn't apply. If there is a meeting going on then see above answer. When you don't have internet access (?)
  12. Unless your bylaws say otherwise the Board is subordinate to the General Membership so the Chair would be free to introduce the motion. However, see FAQ #1.
  13. The bill was validly adopted unless your rules say otherwise. See Official Interpretation 2006-18.