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  1. Thank you gentlemen for your considered and well stated opinions. That is what I was afraid I'll hear. We tried to remove the offending bylaw by a proper amendment, and it failed. There is no cure for blindness. The bylaw prohibits members from soliciting clients of other members. The courts ruled such prohibition illegal in more than one case. Right now we are stuck. Will try a removal by an amendment again, later. Thanks! Yoram
  2. Our legal counsel determined and told us that a certain bylaw item is now illegal according to Federal law. (It prohibits members from soliciting clients of other members). How do we expunge it? Do we need to pass a bylaw amendment to remove the offending item, or may we remove it by relying on legal counsel, and on the prohibition on having any bylaw that is not allowed by higher laws, or contradicts higher laws? Thank you. yoram
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