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Found 53 results

  1. Our association elects a new Vice President every year in late spring for a one year term. He/She then automatically elevates to the position of President the following year. The current VP is thinking of taking a job beginning Fall 2018 that would preclude his ongoing membership in the Association, which means he would also not be able to serve as President next year. Under our Bylaws, any vacancy in an elected position can be filled by President, with the approval of the Executive Board. There are no provisions for special elections, and we have never had a President who was not Vice-President the year before. Assuming the current VP accepts the new position: 1. If he does not resign before the end of this year, does the membership or President even have the power to replace him before his term ends? 2. If he does resign before spring elections, is it proper for the President to appoint a replacement, given that the new appointee would then become president? (the concern is having an unelected President who would have been VP for just a few weeks before elevating to President). 3. Alternately, can we hold a special election to fill the position of President for next Fall, and can we place any restrictions on who may run (e.g. "only past presidents" since they would not need the training that comes with being VP the previous year). Thanks! Paul
  2. Guest

    president resignation

    I have had the position of president for 6 months, I have been asked to resign by the discipline due to "lack of trust" or be suspended. if i resign do i still hold position of past president?
  3. To clarify a earlier question: Roberts Rules re: Actions that Cannot be Reversed a,b,c says "unexecuted parts of action can be reversed/rescinded". A bod member resigned. Accepted by board and posted as "effective 5/27/17". Bod member then changed mind. Board accepted and cancelled resignation. Now members are saying/ complaining the bod didnt follow Roberts'. Is the reversal valid under the above as "unexecuted parts of action" since the effective date hasnt arrived? Thank you!
  4. President of nonprofit member organization (board term 7/1/16 - 6/30/18) resigned March 2017. Bylaws do not state how to replace president mid-term. Current VPs have declined the position. Do we solicit nominations and put forth a ballot to the membership?
  5. A 5 member school board generally follows Robert's Rules (the bylaws are woefully inadequate and make no mention of resignations). One member had a recall election pending, and on the last day possible, he tendered his resignation to the Superintendent and the Election Officer. This was good enough for the Election Officer, who cancelled the election. But the school requires his resignation to be accepted by the school board. The semi-recalled board member convinced 2 other members to follow him out the door (turning resignation letters in to the Superintendent, but refusing to attend a meeting), leaving only 2 members who cannot make a quorum. If the member had been forcibly removed from his position, would it still need to be accepted by the board? Because his resignation was tendered to the Election Officer, does that change anything? Could his spot be appointed outside of session by the Board President due to his removal? Is there anything that can be done in this situation?
  6. Guest

    President resigns

    Our President resigned and as stated in the bylaws a single vacancy "may be filled" by a vote of the remaining executive board (6 of 7 elected positions). A majority voted to allow the Vice President to be both acting President and Vice President. There is no provision for a member of the executive board to hold two positions. Our group is governed by bylaws first and then by Robert's Rules of Order. Can the Vice President fill both positions? Or does the Vice President give up that position when promoted to President, thus creating a vacancy?
  7. Guest

    Board member resigns

    Bylaws state that the immediate past/former Director will be on the BOD. 1. Can this person resign from the BOD? 2. If this person can and does resign from the BOD, is she/he then replaced by the Director who served immediately prior to him/her? Or is the position left unfilled?
  8. Hi, a question that arose that I didn't know the answer to is: in a regularly meeting deliberative assembly, if the chairman constantly proposes motions but is overwhelmingly rejected each and every time he does so, does he have a moral obligation to resign? (I am not a member of this assembly so I do not know a great deal of details, but I do know there is discontent brewing.)
  9. Guest

    Treasurer resignation

    I am the treasurer of a small sports organization. Last year's treasurer was, let's say, not a financial genius. I was given the backs of 2 checkbooks, aka, her ledger, and a box full of receipts and unopened bank statements. I went to the bank, on my own time, had them print out every bank statement for the past two years, printouts of every cashed check, I organized the receipts by month, and printed out ledger sheets, and pretty much started from scratch. I caught up the past two years books to current, even though I have just been the treasurer for this year. They are accurate to the penny and completely organized. Our current board situation is going down hill fast, no one follows by laws or Roberts rules, unless it is something that benefits the "bad seeds'" motives. There are only 3 of us "good ones" left and they are doing everything in their power to drive us out. They are making false accusations out loud about financials daily and I found out today that someone made a deposit, but no one is supposed to have the banking number. I know a deposit is a positive thing, but they aren't supposed to have banking information and they definitely didn't have any deposit slips. I called the bank and they are investigating it. I don't know if they lied and posed as the president who is on our account along with me or if they somehow got the banking number. They are trying to go around me to do the is stuff, I guess in hopes I'll eventually give in and quit, which is getting really close to happening. We are attempting to take care of the current divided board situation, but in case it doesn't work out, I had this question...Do I have to turn in months of work, that I did on my own time and used my own office supplies to do, or can I turn in exactly what was given to me when I took over? I feel very uneasy and uncomfortable just quitting and handing over all of that information, that they will somehow "lose" financial documents or botch the books, so to speak, in hopes of making me look guilty of something. Our current by laws state nothing about this, so our usual fallback is RR's. Is there something, somewhere, that can give me the information I need? Thank you.
  10. My Board chairman resigned mid term due to significant health issues. Our by laws do not address a succession plan. Does RONR advise how to handle the appointment or vote to replace until next annual meeting? (Next annual meeting is in March 2017)
  11. A vote was called and ruled upon based with a majority vote. Now a member of the majority has resigned. Can the replacement member make a motion (maybe under new businesses) to revoke the past vote? Or does it need to be a sitting member of the majority from the existing vote.
  12. Guest


    I have a situation I am not sure about. Our President resigned a quarter way through their term of office. They continue to come to meetings and cause trouble. At election time gets nominated for another position before her original term is up? Can they run?
  13. Good evening, Our president has just tendered his resignation, with 9 months remaining in his term. According to our Bylaws, the 1st VP becomes Pres and shall remain as such for 9 months (until next AGM). Many in the org suggest that the Past President's term is also complete, and his replacement ought to be appointed from a pool of qualified candidates in accordance with the bylaws. Your thoughts?
  14. If a member has been terminated for cause, does the Board have to accept the members' letter of resignation after he/she declines to attend, but before, the scheduled due process/fair hearing?
  15. At our regular meeting of our nonprofit organization the husband of our Trearurer with the treasurer sitting next to him hostily resigned for his wife. Besides the fact that her husband gave her resignation how do you suggest retrieving our treasurey documents and checkbook? Is there a set time period? Do you have a letter suggestion to send to her via email?
  16. A Board Member officially resigned 4 months ago (her term would have had 20 months left) and now that the elections for new Board Members are about to begin, this ex-Board Member has nominated herself to run for the Board again. We have no policy in our By-Laws regarding this. What is the precedence for this on other Boards or in RONR? Is there anything preventing her from running again? Can we add a provision regarding this action to our By-Laws before the official Ballots go out?
  17. My Vice President of our Fire Company Auxiliary just submitted her resignation as VP. What is proper procedure of replacing a person for this position?
  18. crawale


    The Secretary of our HOA Board resigned ' I hereby resign my position as Secretary of the Board of Directors' The resignation was accepted by the President. Can the Director say that they only resigned as Secretary and are still on the Board?
  19. A member of our group sent a letter to the president of our group and all of the board members. However, the president of the group did not receive the letter, by email, but the rest of the board members did. A fellow board member sent the letter to the president a day or two later upon finding he did not receive the original letter. Upon receiving the letter, he addressed the resignation from the member and accepted her resignation. Some members of the board feel he acted out of order and believes that RRONR says he should have conducted a meeting with the board to address the resignation. Did the president act "out of order"? While several members contacted the resigning member and asked her to reconsider, the president did not. Was anything done incorrectly?
  20. one of our board members got upset with the rest of the board, stated that they could not work with liars, then walked out of the meeting. Can this be considered a resignation from the board?
  21. Our non-profit has a situation regarding our Chief Fire Captain, who is elected by the membership and who answers to the board. Our bylaws state "the board of directors is responsible for the management of all affairs of the corporation and all corporate powers must be exercised under the authority of the board of directors." Herein lies our issue: Our Chief Captain is responsible for day-to-day administration of the fire teams and acts in an administrative capacity for the board resigned abruptly for health issues. The board announced to the membership that in its corporate capacity they would be in charge of running the corp until the vacant CC election occurs (30 days following vacancy per bylaws.) Our question is, if our bylaws state the board is in charge, who fills in as temp/acting Chief Captain (a necessary position) until the vacancy election? Our bylaws do not address this other than the 30 days until election. Five years ago we had a similar situation with another Chief Captain resignation and the board president assumed the CC duties until the election. However, that board made it a policy and failed to amend the bylaws to include a CC's resignation. Our board believes it is the board president who assumes the temp CC role and our president is wiling to do so. Are we inline with rules if we place the president as temp CC? Our board appointed VP has expressed interest in the temp CC role but he does not qualify to run for board or CC election. Our guess is the president trumps the VP. Thank you to anyone who can advise us and has taken the time to weed through this post!
  22. Guest

    President resignation

    Please help I can not find my answer. Can a President of a non-profit league, in Texas give written notice to the Board that she is resigning in January for the Elections, and then at General meeting tell the members she is resigning cause of personal issues. Can she 2 weeks later say she changed her mind since no one accepted her resignation. I did not know we had to accept it if she told the whole town and board. What can we do on this situation? Thank you
  23. Guest

    Board Resignations

    Following some "less than proper" behavior by several members and officers of our organization, several of our elected board members (including the Chairperson) sent their resignations to the remainder of the board via email. Now after cooling off, these board members wish to withdraw their resignations and remain on the board. According to RRoO, it is my belief that they can do this. Am I correct? Does any action need to be taken? i.e. - Do we need a motion to NOT accept the resignations? Can our next meeting proceed with the elected Chairperson running the meeting?
  24. The President of our board has turned in her resignation. Under out bylaws and RRoO, the Vice-President now becomes the President. Our bylaws state that the Past-President also sits on the board. So - does the resigning President now become the Past-President and the former Past-President move off the board?
  25. When a director resigns can this director nominate his replacement? Can there be two nominees? Can anyone apply for the position? Must the board accept his application? If two members (not directors) want to put their names into consideration, must the board accept both of them before voting?